Our dentists in Longwell dental can repair teeth, but a regular dental check-up is the best way to prevent the need for treatment. Our friendly dentists will carefully examine your teeth, gums and mouth in order to identify any potential problems and also perform an oral mouth cancer screening. Dental Check-ups are advised at least once a year to maintain a healthy mouth.

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular examinations of your dental health and having your teeth cleaned professionally are essential to protect the health of your teeth and gums.

At each dental examination your teeth, gums and mouth will be carefully examined to ensure you are in good dental health. After the examination we will discuss with you any requirements you may have and offer advice on how to protect your teeth


What patients say

Excellent service

Thank you very much for sorting out our various accidents. Tim came out on Monday saying “Ireally enjoyed that"
- A and T


Maintains your teeth and oral health
Identifies problems early
Allows for preventative treatments to protect your dental health
Mouth cancer screening